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Awaken Radio

Dec 30, 2018

When relationships end… does that mean the relationship is a failure? 

Did we fail if we chose to end a relationship?  Is it more desirable to stay in a relationship over a long period of time… does that make us more successful in life? 

The answer is NO!  Robin discusses how all our relationships serve our growth...

Dec 13, 2018

Robin speaks about relationship as being the tool for healing your past wounds.  

When we are in relationship, it is for the purpose of healing our wounds if we are willing to consciously look inside ourselves when we are upset and triggered in our significant relationships.  

It is through commitment to the process and...

Dec 5, 2018

Robin elaborates on the theme of recognizing love versus fear.  

She shares the difference between love and fear, making it very clear that if we want to live in peace and joy, we must choose love.  

Robin explores some important questions that will help in recognizing fear and the harsh judgments that we place...